Ensure technical availability and delivery capability at optimum cost

The optimal operation

Maintenance is in a dilemma: on the one hand, operational business must be guaranteed during the planned operating hours, on the other hand, this must not cost anything.

In global competition, it is no longer enough for machines to run. They have to run well! In the currently required process window.

Higher, faster, further

Requirements for maintenance

Maintenance must define the measures necessary for the uninterrupted operation of production facilities and infrastructure and coordinate their execution with the dynamic environment of production.

In order to control costs, strategic decisions have to be made on an ongoing basis. Outsourcing or not? Which maintenance strategy fits now? Is online monitoring profitable? Which spare parts should be stocked? In what quantity? etc.

Consequently, an essential factor for success is to continuously review the effectiveness of the decisions made, to learn from them and to implement what has been learned.

Customer demands are also changing faster than ever. On top of that, this requires a previously unknown flexibility in the entire company.

Plan Prepare tasks

Determine what is necessary:

  • Define maintenance plans
  • Description of the task
  • Due date control
  • Resource requirements

Do Perform tasks

  • Disposition of personnel
  • Coordinate crafts
  • Providing spare parts and tools
  • Performing the work
  • Record results

Check Analyse data

  • Evaluate fault diagnoses
  • Weak point analysis
  • ABC/Pareto analyses
  • Key figures (KPI – key performance indicators), e.g.:
    • Availability, MTBF, MTTR, CPU
    • wrench time, waiting time for repairs
  • Costs
    • Free budgets
    • Plan/Actual comparison, plan deviation

Act Optimise strategy

  • Derive the appropriate maintenance strategy for each asset
    • reactive
    • preventive
    • condition-based
    • predictive
  • Due date control of affected maintenance measures
  • Capacity planning
  • Needs-based stocking of spare parts

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