[sip] makes maintenance mobile

Measurement value acquisition in the field

The St.Galler Stadtwerke are among the most modern energy supply companies in Switzerland. They supply the population and economy of the city of St.Gallen with electricity, water, heat and gas. In gas supply, they operate regionally, from St.Gallen to Lake Constance. In addition, the St.Gallen municipal utilities operate the city’s fiber optic network and offer various mobility solutions. Due to the special location or topography of the city of St.Gallen – it is situated at 650 meters above sea level, embedded between two hill ranges – the mobile collection of IH data takes on a central role.

ISOware has been supporting the St.Galler Stadtwerke since 2007 in their daily tasks such as handling malfunctions and preventive maintenance, whether planning in the office or mobile equipment in the field. [sip] makes it effortlessly possible.

Active [sip] users
Measuring points
Maintenance objects
Inspection lists and maintenance plans

This is how [sip] supports

  • Recording and support of all maintenance objects for electricity supply
  • Structuring in the assembly tree
  • Mapping of the KKS in all structure levels
  • Handling of all legally required work
    • revisions
    • inspections
  • Processing of all malfunctions at all maintenance objects
  • Carrying out routine and control work
[sip] is self-explanatory and offers a high degree of flexibility in handling data. I can easily pull out information and then process it exactly according to my needs.
Rudolf ReinhardSt.Galler Stadtwerke

Maintenance objects recorded in the urban area and in the terrain

  • 6 substations
  • 250+ transformer stations
  • 400+ shafts
  • 800+ overhead line pylons
  • 1,000+ distribution boxes

Use of the [sip] Mobile-Client

In 2011, the St.Galler Stadtwerke already completely digitized the recording of measured values, inspections and maintenance in the field. This made it possible to noticeably speed up all workflows with little effort, while at the same time considerably reducing the effort required for data acquisition and significantly increasing the quality of the recorded information. Advantages that came to the fore especially when collecting the measurement data.

Where mobile data loggers were used in the past, the business processes of the maintenance worker are now comprehensively supported by the [sip] Mobile-Client, which can run on mobile devices under iOS and Android that have now also matured for rough use in maintenance. This is also done in offline mode when mobile network coverage is often lacking.

Particularly when working in sometimes impassable terrain, the maintenance engineer is helped by further developments such as the ability to view complete logbooks or easily attach photos and videos to fault messages, for example.