Case studies on the use of our standard software for computer-aided maintenance management

Success stories through good cooperation

Find out here how ISOware [sip] helps our customers to master the daily challenges in their operational practice again and again and at the same time to set the course for a medium and long-term profitable development in their maintenance and production.

Case Study Efficient Facility Management

Since 2004, Sartorius has been successfully using [sip] as a multi-client system for efficient facility management at numerous locations, and since 2012 also for energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50.001.

Case Study Volkswagen

Since 2007, the infrastructure operations at the Kassel plant have been using [sip] as an active steering tool in operational and strategic management. Building on the classic areas of application, the powerful tool is now also successfully used for the representation and tracking of processes.

Case Study Effective optimization tool

The premium car manufacturer BMW Group has been relying on its partnership with ISOware since 2007. All over the world, [sip] supports the group’s engine plants along the entire process chain in production.

Case Study St.Galler Stadtwerke

Since 2005, ISOware has been supporting the St.Galler Stadtwerke in their daily tasks in the handling of malfunctions and in preventive maintenance, whether planning in the office or mobile equipment in the field. [sip] makes it possible with ease.

Case Study From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century

This case study is a good illustration of the fact that any manufacturing company, regardless of its level of organizational structure, can use [sip] to quickly get started with digitized maintenance.

The flexible software solution for your maintenance

We will also find the tailor-made solution for your company

Your maintenance operation has been functioning for many years. Over time, you have adapted methods and processes that fit as precisely as possible to your specific requirements.

The fine art of implementing a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is, on the one hand, to preserve the tried and tested and, on the other hand, to take advantage of all the opportunities that digitalisation offers.

At ISOware, we are aware of this fact. Consequently, we are at your side from the first day of commissioning with our decades of expertise. We can do it!